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14 Sep 2017 2 pipelines vandalized 42 times in 2017 alone – NNPC
14 Sep 2017 How pipeline vandalism reduced Nigeria’s oil production by 40% – NNPC
13 Sep 2017 NDDC Director decries citing Dangote refinery in Lagos
12 Sep 2017 Ex-Depot Price of Petrol Stable Despite Drop in Pump Price
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Sustainable Development as a Strategy for Conflict Prevention
11 May 2001
Akpobibibo, O.
Globally, human existence seems to be at risk not only because of such social aberrations like mutual mistrust and hatred, insecurity, ethnic chauvinism, language differences, religious fanaticism, intra and interstate conflicts but also because of man's inability to predict, manage and control intending disorders. Conflicts of diverse forms have erupted in various parts of Nigeria and thus there is greater need for concerted efforts for conflict prevention.. For there to be long lasting peace, unity, harmony, love and progress in the oil-rich Niger Delta, it is identified that in addition to introducing a culture of peace and education, conflict mediation, international cooperation and post-conflict reconstruction, the sustainable development option is considered most appropriate. Therefore, to build confidence for the oppressed, marginalised and displaced people of the Niger Delta in the midst of poverty, hunger, deprivation, devastation, dehumanization, human right violations and socio-economic, political and cultural injustices, an understanding of the fundamentals of strategic sustainable development and conflict prevention and resolution should be a matter of concern by all interest groups. The sustainable development option should be one that would ensure sustainability and survivability of the society, both present and future, for which it is focussed at.

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